At AC Kings LLC, we believe routine maintenance is key. Our Complete System Tune Up is a professional cleaning, adjustment and safety check we perform on all types of air conditioning and heating equipment to help maintain peak performance, safety and reliable operation.

Cooling and heating systems require routine maintenance to maximize performance, retain efficiency and to ensure safety. ln the past, systems were simple by design and had less moving parts but they have become more complex due to safety and efficiency standards.

Other than replacing your air filter, which is the single most important thing you can do. Having yearly periodic maintenance to your HVAC system is the second-most important thing you can do. Poor service procedures and inadequate maintenance are common problems with existing HVAC equipment. Without periodic maintenance, the only way you will know if there is a problem is when your HVAC system quits working, or you notice higher than usual utility bill. It is also very commonly found that the HVAC system was installed improperly, undersized, or was not properly charged to correct Freon pressures.

Improper installation of the HVAC system can result in higher than usual utility costs. This can also cause damage to the equipment, property or worse. Duct work that leaks and improper-sized duct work are main factors in unbalanced and low air flow problems. Undersized HVAC systems and incorrectly installed equipment will affect performance and efficiency. These practices will eventually cause premature failure of the equipment. Many times the refrigerant charge (the amount of refrigerant in the entire system) does not match the manufacture’s specifications. If proper refrigerant charging is not accomplished during startup, the system will not operate within the manufacture’s specifications and will not provide the efficiency it was designed for. Unqualified service technicians often fail to achieve the correct refrigerant charge or sometimes overcharge a system that is already full.

We offer a standard 1-year (2-visit) maintenance agreement for $250!
Having this maintenance agreement will give you peace of mind and comfort year-round.
At AC Kings LLC, we strive to provide the best maintenance for your existing or new high-efficiency HVAC system. Here is a list of several things we will do to keep your system new or old operating to the best of its ability.
Our highly trained service techs will:
• Clean evaporator and condenser coils, clean air handler cabinet, and blower wheel.
• Check for and seal all duct work leaks as needed. Also replacing air filters and damaged duct work when
• Test for refrigerant leaks with digital leak detector and check for correct amount of refrigerant in
• Measure air flow and air flow temperatures at supply and return ducts.
• Inspect all electrical terminals and wires, verify the correct wire size and the operation of the control
sequence. Making sure the heating and cooling systems do not work simultaneously.
• Oil motors, check belts for proper tension and wear. Also testing the thermostat for correct operation and
• Repair or replacing faulty or worn capacitors, contactors, relays, etc. at this time to ensure year-round
comfort and the most efficiency possible.

Cooling and heating systems are one of the biggest expenses in a home. Protect your system to assure a long reliable life.

Contact AC Kings LLC now to set up your yearly service agreement before your HVAC system quits working or cost you an arm and a leg!